Tuesday, March 18, 2014

treatment tuesday

Clearly the last seven months have been no cake walk for me. However, this is the best I've felt in at least a year! The past two weeks have got me feeling like a real haus! The amount of vigor and life I've had is unreal. I feel like I have put some much needed life back into my days and meat on my bones. However, not exactly how I want the LB's to look. ;) Regardless, I'm feeling strong and beefy comparatively.

Recovering from this last treatment round has been tough. Roughly a month of no chemo and still my overall blood counts and energy levels have been low. With scheduled blood transfusions every Monday, I'm happy to report we're over the hump and my bone marrow is beginning to produce well.  This week I'm headed home to Scottsdale, Arizona for the first time in TOO long.

My flight leaves out of Santa Barbara, California tomorrow afternoon. As a precautionary measure I went in today to give myself an immune booster shot of neupogen in my belly... here's a photo of that :)

cancer treatment
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  1. Youre a fucking Rockstar and I love you. xooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxoo