Monday, March 17, 2014

something different

Hi Readers, 

Sorry I've been away. Not only have I found myself feeling guilty about my lack of commitment to this blog, but I've also had many people inquiring about my health and requesting updates. So... I'M BACK! 

This time around we're going to do things a little differently. I quickly grew tried of writing about being sick. Though I always tried to make my posts positive it became hard for me to constantly write entries about what's "wrong" with me.

In efforts to keep myself interested in blogging as well as keep everyone informed, I'm trying out "lifestyle blogging". My plan is to incorporate positive messages, photos and random things in addition to my treatment updates. Of course there will still be a heavy focus on cancer and recovery with hopes of shedding some light, or showing someone they aren't alone. I have designated a few days a week to these new promised posts: Maitri Monday, Treatment Tuesday, and Friday Favorites. It is my hope that by designating these days I'll hold myself accountable as well as stay committed and interested in blogging. I'm excited to start keeping people informed again and to continue inspiring and sharing my story.  

See you tomorrow for "Treatment Tuesday".


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