Saturday, October 26, 2013


8:30am and the doctors are rolling through earlier than normal.  You know, I had them pretty well trained over these past eighteen days. 9:30am! 9:30am! They know, I'm not a morning person. Which is funny, because up until cancer I was! Anyway, I'm wandering. My thoughts are spiraling out of control. The excitement is almost, not really, to much to bare. Today is the day! In my last post I mentioned a hopeful hospital discharge date of Halloween. Well, here we are October 26 and I'm headed home! I feel so lucky, healthy and blessed. My body is such an amazing vessel of life. It blows my mind everyday. After this past week, it's truly a miracle. I'm starting to find it wise to believe in miracles.For roughly a week I am free! I get to go home. Pretend to not be sick. Eat normal. Use my brand new juicer, Sleep in OUR bed. <3  Love on my beloved, missed, sunshine-glory-bear-dog-unicorn-human-cow-angle, Merman. And truly appreciate my perfect, homey home and all of the characters who I adoringly share it with. I couldn't possibly be more excited! Now, If you want to visit... its a good time. Hit me up on my 2-way ;)A premature, nearly post-blog apology: Sorry for all the mumble-jumble I'm just so damn excited. I haven't even raised my head off my pillow yet.  I hope this post is cohesive enough. Even more so, I hope you're all marveling with me in glee. It's a BEAUTIFUL day GO enjoy it!!surviving cancer                                        Headed home in my cosmo kitty pants. ^meow^-k

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  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I Feel Your Excitement!!!! This post has MADE my Day Kaleigh!!! I have tears of joy for you!!! XXOO Would love to see you and Merman and meet Zack. I can take you 3 on a sunset cruise anytime!!!! So Happy for you all <3