Wednesday, May 21, 2014

power of the mind

I always knew the mind was a powerful thing. Believing that a single positive thought could go a long way, and that positive energies led to positive manifestations has always been my mantra. 

Whether I was laying motionless for days on end, going completely stir-crazy in my hospital room, ranting to myself about what a joke "neutropenia" is, or enjoying my boyfriend, friends, beach, dogs, drinks and eats I couldn't have gotten through it without positivity. 

Your mind must believe that it can do something before it is capable of actually doing it. I think this is particularly true of patients with cancer and other terminal illnesses. On several occasions, in my mind I picture the cancer cells literally leaving my body. I imagine what they look like and everything. I meditate and express heaps of gratitude for my strong and resilient vessel that I dwell in. I imagine my body healing itself from the inside out. In addition to that I do my best to remain positive, trusting and hopeful of chemotherapy treatments and Dr. Greenwald. 

I think it's helpful and important to remind yourself that you will get through these hard times and they will make you stronger. Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones is key. When things are hard and you're feeling down look for those distant glimmers of hope. In my case, dreaming of Thailand is what has gotten me through these past eight gruesome months. Not only is cancer hard on the body, but it messes with you mentally as well. From day one I've said that the mental battle is at least half of the battle. The daily thoughts I have of Thailand keep me hopeful and fighting for the life I know I deserve and will attain. I'm getting lost in travel books and even dreaming up my outfits. In fact, my trip has positively been manifested and I leave San Fransisco, CA on September 23, 2014.

Your question probably is, will I be done with treatment by then?
My answer is, I BETTER BE! 
Shooing for mid July 2014.

 *One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.* 

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