Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I know I haven't written in a while so I promise to create a reflective post soon, but this is something I found to be much more exciting and weighty...

Yesterday I was informed that I am officially in REMISSION!!! The tumor that was once in my chest is undetectable, cancer is out of my blood and my bone marrow is clear! This is unexpected, amazing news and I am beyond elated, but this doesn't mean I'm cured. Yet...

I checked back into Cottage Hospital on Saturday, November 30. That day I started my third round of chemotherapy. If anyone remembers, this round is to be the most vigorous thus far.  They started me on a pediatric regiment with a combination of different drugs designed to really knock this thing out of me. Though I'm already there, standard procedure goes, they continue the treatments as ordered. I'm expected to be here as an inpatient for two to four weeks. My blood counts and hemoglobin will fall low knocking me back into a neutropenic lifestyle and transfusions are planned for, but nothing I haven't already been through. Nothing that isn't part of the "cure".

Once this round of chemo is over I head home to recover for a couple weeks. Next I'll begin an outpatient maintenance program. As an outpatient my blood will be tested every other day and i'll receive treatments either in pill-form at home, or through my portacath at, The Cancer Center. Hopefully very few inpatient hospital stays in my future! After the initial maze filled with Dr. appointments, medical procedures, medicines and side-effects, treatments will slow and become fewer and farther between. 

Cancer maintenance typically lasts for one to two years as a precautionary measure to stamp out any chance of tiny fast growing cells that could potentially quickly regenerate and cause a relapse. I can't wait to start getting my life back! 

Dr. Greenwald has been superior to any expectation I could ever have, but I have to believe there was a little universe gypsy healing magic in there too..

Thanks so much for all of your support. Keep they prayers coming. 

Sooooo much love,


  1. YAYYYY fabulous news!!!! Little early Christmas gift! So glad to hear it!!! :)

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