Saturday, November 16, 2013

the battle i didn't choose.

One phrase everyone is familiar with is, "choose your battles wisely." It’s fair to say that in my life I have knowingly chosen many of my battles, and not so wisely. Now, in the bigger scheme of things it’s painfully apparent how trivial, childish, brainless, at times outrageous and miniscule many of those battles were. However, at hand is the largest battle of them all. A battle I did not choose. 

I don’t know who or what chooses these battles and it’s hard to see or understand the rhyme or reason. All I know is this is one war I have to win! I like to believe that everyone has a soul mission. A life battle if you will. Though no one truly knows what their mission is, what we do know is, the mission/battle is accomplished in a lifetime and the lesson is usually shared by others. Hence why groups of souls travel together and why I believe soul mates exist- in many forms. Now, I’m not trying to get too religious, or spiritual on anyone here. I just wanted to note all of the beautiful souls I have in my corner...  

This past weekend was one for the ages! Although I was in the hospital the outpour of support was mind-blowing. One of my dearest friends, Case-dawg had her 26th birthday that several people came to town for. Casey may be known to many, if not all as, “dawg”, but she is also in fact a bird. Case-Bird has been working her tail feather off to put on a benefit for me. “Kisses for Kaleigh” was held last Sunday night, November 10, 2013 at Indochine in downtown Santa Barbara. What a hit it was! Her party for me was a huge success in which 10k was raised to help with my medical expenses. Being that I have been in and out of the hospital I was unaware for quite some time of what Casey had up her sleeve. However, I am so grateful. I know she will read this so a BIG thank YOU, Kathleen Ann Pinero, Casey, Case-dawg. You are SO beyond amazing. You are one of the things that make this battle worth fighting and life worth living and I love you. Also, I couldn't be more grateful for EVERYONES unbelievable support. I feel truly blessed.

A few non-justifying photos from the weekend...

               A HUGE thank you to these beautiful babes and all their hard work :) 
                               My soul sister and sister-seester. Love <3  Love!
                             Happy Belated, Case-Dawg. You deserve the world!

Love, Love, soooo much love,

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