Tuesday, November 5, 2013

ace in my sleeve

I've had a hard time writing recently, though a notable amount of things have been going on. First off, I'm home! I was discharged October 26th, with an inpatient check in date of Monday, November 4th. Yesterday I was suppose to start my second round of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, my insurance has decided they want to be anything but collaborative. So, until that gets squared away, I am home... and not complaining. Since it is important for me to begin my second round of treatment, I met with an amazing team of specialists at Cedars Sinai Cancer Center in LA. One major topic of discussion was a bone marrow transplant. Those of you closest to me understand my personal concerns with going that route. I was assured by the team that although the transplant is "THE cure", it is only ONE of my options at this time. I'm happy to announce that I have decided to keep the bone marrow transplant as an "ace in my sleeve". The mortality rate for me at this point is around 10% with chemo treatment weighing as a better option than transplant with all side effects, and personal risks considered.
Also aiding in this decision, Cedar's suggestion to change my current chemotherapy treatment plan to a more rigorous and aggressive pediatric treatment. Pediatric sounded super odd to me at first considering I'm twenty-six. They explained that contrary to my belief that it would be a low dosage, it in fact would be more aggressive because children can apparently handle it better. They believe this new regiment will put me into remission just after this next round. Now, I understand how important this "ace in the sleeve" is. So, Kristin (my sister) is still being tested as a bone marrow match and we can cross that bridge if I do not respond well to this new treatment plan.
I am incredibly anxious to begin the second round of chemotherapy. I have full confidence in this team of doctors, and I am looking forward to putting this all in the past!
I love you guys all so much and want to thank you again for the support and positive vibes.

ventura coast
         The best part about going to LA is the drive home. How could you not love Santa Barbara?!

Love Love sooooooo much Love,

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