About me

Hola Babes,

I was diagnosed with leukemia on October 9th, 2013. After my diagnosis my friends and family created a blog for me to serve as a positive outlet and place to jot down my thoughts and experiences. The blog was also developed as a way for me to keep people informed of my prognosis, treatments and progress. It quickly turned into more than that...

It didn't take me long to spruce up the design of that original blog and make it my own. I found that I adjusted well and became accustomed to the blogger life rather fast. The Dawg Blawg grew to mean so much more to me than just a place to write about my sickness. In addition to my diagnosis and treatments The Dawg Blawg has become a place of creative expression where I can be myself, spread the maitri love, contribute things that make me happy, share photos, ideas, art, food, music, health, fashion, inspire anyone who may be going though a rough patch in their life, write about meaningful things, real things as well as some not so real things, awesome things, product reviews, swimsuits, and much more.  The avenues are endless and I'm elated that you've chosen to explore them with me. 

I’m a one of a kind, multifaceted and benevolent woman. I love adding different chapters to my life; whether it be style, thought, or people- I never want to dismiss a chance or something new. I think it's wise to believe in miracles and am a firm believer that you only grow old when you stop playing. I am a curious critter who dreams to never stop adventuring, learning, or improving. My passions and interests greatly vary, but I guess that's the price you pay for having a wanderlusting gypsy soul. However, one thing that does not waver is my desire to help our world. My dog, Merman is a catalyst that I have to reach out to those whom are suffering. He is a certified therapy dog. I often take Merman to the hospital with me to interact with children and other cancer patients in hopes of spreading the joy he brings.

Despite my misfortune I love my life, it makes me smile lots and lots. The opportunity to spread love, knowledge, compassion and kindness, fills my heart more than anything to date. I look forward to and welcome anything that The Dawg Blawg may throw my way. I hope within each visit you find inspiration and your goddess heart smiles.


Cheers and besos,

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